Friday, May 20, 2011

Thor 3D (C)

I've been sitting in front of my computer for around thirty minutes trying to come up with a clever introduction to this review of Marvel Studio's new release Thor, but unfortunately I have nothing to say. You may think that I'm implying that this is a terrible film, but I'm not. Thor has beautiful special effects, fun comedy, and enough fight scenes to qualify itself as a fun summer blockbuster. It's also certainly a whole lot better than the commercials and trailers made it out to be.

The reason why I struggled so much with writing an introduction to this review, is that behind the special effects, fun comedy, and fight scenes, you'll find absolutely nothing.
Thor has no morals, no opinion, and most importantly no heart.

Saying a movie has no heart is a critic cliche which I'd prefer not to use, but in this case it's extremely accurate. This movie will entertain you for 114 minutes, and then leave your mind completely. You might say that I'm being a snob when reviewing this film, and that these factors of my critique are why summer blockbusters exist in the first place. Well, you may be right, but you're probably wrong. As movies like
Inception proved, summer blockbusters don't need to be pure dumb spectacle, and could easily become something much greater.

I will, however, give
Thor credit on its post-production 3D. Post-production 3D is usually a huge scam for the film companies to make a buck off ignorant movie-goers (EX: Clash of the Titans), but in this film it really works. You easily become immersed in the realm of Asgard, and the fight sequences have an extra jump to them.

Thor is not a great film, but it's a solid blockbuster. If you'd just like to be entertained for two hours, you could do much worse than this.

Grade: C

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