Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mini-Review: The Smurfs (D-)

Let me begin this review by putting my self-professed film critic card on the line by stating that I saw the latest in the line of 80's nostalgia 3D CGI family comedies, The Smurfs, voluntarily. I had previously mentioned in my review of Quentin Dupieux's tire killer horror/comedy Rubber that I enjoy movies that are "so bad they're good", and no movie seemed to fit this bill better than The Smurfs.

Now let me attempt to redeem myself by stating that The Smurfs is without a doubt the worst movie of 2011 so far, and if another film challenges this blue emperor of awful, I am truly sickened by the film industry. Everything about this movie challenges why people enjoy and go to movies, and the only thing physically worse than this movie is the fact that I voluntarily saw it. Let myself serve as a cautionary tale to those who may consider seeing it for ironic pleasure; do not, under any circumstances, see this movie.

Grade: D-

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